Captivating attendees with an event's story

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About "Home"

Cadence launched its events platform in 2017 to offer event organizers and attendees an unforgettable event experience.

Event organizers are under a tremendous amount of pressure to create memorable content, exceed sponsor expectations, and craft a bespoke experience.

One of the most important pages within Cadence is the Home screen. Visually, it sets the "look and feel" of the event, and functionally, it directs attendees to relevant content or features (Schedule, Networking Profiles, Messaging, etc.).

In 2021, the “Home 2.0” update introduced the concept of “tiles”, which are widget-like elements that can link to almost anything within the event. They give event organizers total control over where they’d like to direct the attention of their audience.

Tiles have made the Home screen a powerful nexus for event branding and attendee engagement and have visually and functionally differentiated Cadence in the crowded events-app market.

“I’ve worked with other mainstream platforms and their welcome page is so flat. Cadence allows us to create a beautiful, on-brand experience that feels like an art gallery."

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Romina Kunstadter
Founder, The Prism


Types of tiles that can be created


Types of content that can be linked


Increase in menu item engagement

About Cadence

Cadence is a platform for managing and experiencing in-person and virtual events. It’s used for live sessions, messaging, event materials, networking, customer engagement, registration, live polling, leaderboards, and more. Some of the most respected organizations use Cadence to take their events to the next level.
Logos of Cadence customers such as Nike, Merck, Zendesk, MIT, TedX, and Harvard